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Quincy Helping Hand Program
A Program to Provide Free Handicap Equipment to Quincy Residents.

   Helping Hand exists purely to benefit anyone
who is temporarily or permanently disabled. If you know someone who needs a wheelchair, crutches, walker, cane, special bathroom equipment, or other ambulatory healthcare aid, contact Helping Hand. If we have it in stock, we'll supply it, at no charge. Helping Hand is free thanks to the generosity of people throughout Quincy and the South Shore who have donated the equipment they no longer need.

    "The City of Quincy is delighted to sponsor such a worthwhile program. Helping Hand is an excellent example of how small acts of generosity -- along with some very hard work by some caring citizens -- can significantly benefit those in our community who need it most."

James A. Sheets
Former Mayor
City of Quincy

   The equipment is housed at Ayers Handicap Conversion Center in North Quincy, where the program is managed.


Quincy Helping Hand

Helping People Locally and Internationally


Representatives from the Dominican Republic and Quincy Helping Hand Program

load an overseas freight shipping container

for an International donation of durable medical equipment to the 

Dominican Republic.




Information on other Disability Services available in the City of Quincy can be found at the Quincy Commission on Disability Website

    "Our philosophy is to help the physically challenged gain a greater degree of mobility and independence. Helping Hand is a logical extension of our efforts."

Bruce Ayers

Nation's Cities Weekly
The official publication of
The National League of Cities
Recognizes Bruce Ayers
for founding the Helping Hand Program and Donating a van to extend the program to those unable to leave their home.


Please call to receive more information and a free brochure at
(617) 328-0102

Quincy Helping Hand Program